Northwest Arkansas Computer Repair - Crooks!

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I had trouble with my desktop and laptop computers, as I wanted to install new game software (Diablo 3) on both of them, but was unable to because they did not meet the minimum system requirements.I called RICK from NORTHWEST ARKANSAS COMPUTER REPAIR in Fayetteville, AR and after a short discussion he said he could help.

He took both of my computers with him with assurances that he could upgrade them. When he brought them back, he said the desktop could not be upgraded but the laptop could be and that he had installed the game on it for me. I payed him $200.00 and fired up the game when he left. The game barely ran and when it did, I encountered severe lag time and continuous malfunctions.

Several calls back to Rick went unanswered, along with e-mails and voicemails being un-returned. I hired ANOTHER guy to come and fix the problem and he told me that THE COMPUTER HAD NOT BEEN UPGRADED BEYOND ITS FACTORY BASE and that nothing had been done except to cram the game onto the computer, a process I could have done myself. Furthermore, he said that my laptop wasn't even capable of properly running the game and because of it's model and video card, couldn't even be updated - something RICK had surely known.

I ended up buying a new desktop and the game runs fine now, though i am still upset at RICK and the crooks at Northwest Arkansas Repair that STOLE MY MONEY and then refused to even answer thier phones when I called.CROOKS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER and RICK should be ashamed at his thievery!

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